Co-Location Tenant

EDCS Power’s innovative new architecture will enable cloud operators to reach high meter to motherboard electrical efficiency as demonstrated by large hyper-scale cloud providers. The importance of EDCS Power’s new power solution is that we enable anyone to have the same streamlined power path as the hyper-scale companies. Additionally we enable the use of low cost commodity compute so specialized hardware is not required. We can offer a proven power distribution system that brings higher levels of electrical efficiency to commodity IT, with far fewer conversions in the electrical distribution path.

Lower the OpEx of your cloud with our 12Vdc distribution with In-server backup using all commodity hardware!

  • Utilizes standard components proven in critical power applications
  • Reduces failure domain from AC-UPS to single server
  • Easily integrated into low cost commodity compute hardware
  • Deployable in colocation data centers
  • Uses only one conversion from AC to DC then directly into server
  • Local energy storage, near rack, in rack or in server

Cost Reductions that lower your monthly utility bill to power compute by up to 20%!

  • Eliminates management of IT loads to prevent AC phase load imbalances and needing to protect upstream transformers
  • Reduces industry standard 7-8 power transformations down to a total of 4 extremely efficient power conversions from MV meter to motherboard
  • Less maintenance and physical space required
  • Lower upfront capital outlay
  • Eliminates having to coordinate multiple AC-UPS system syncs using costly and complex STS equipment
  • Distributes at the higher electrical efficiency of 380Vdc (pole to pole) while managing phase to ground risk to 190Vdc, greatly reducing arc current potential
  • Eliminates inefficient 480Vac to 208Vac step down transformers intended to bring the voltage to safer levels