Zero U

rqst_ZeroUDeliver power to open hardware compute without taking up productive rack space with power equipment. Beyond increasing density the Zero U is the first open hardware power solution that easily be configured in N+1 and 2N configurations. Racks modified with the Zero U power supplies are engineered to receive narrowband +/-190Vdc from the EDCS 100kW DC-UPS modules. Zero U Power systems operate at better than even the highest rated titanium AC input Solution.

The Zero U is an EDCS Power patented rack power interface design. Our open hardware rack is optimized to receive narrowband +/-190Vdc and distribute 12Vdc throughout the rack’s bus bars. As the name implies, the Zero U does not take productive space away from IT equipment, and frees the entire rack to be available for compute, storage and networking.

By mounting our compact Zero U power supply assemblies directly to open hardware bus bars, data center designers now have much greater flexibility in how they meet reliability requirements for operators. For example, to create a 2N power architecture for open hardware the electrical design team needs only to run half of the assemblies up to an A feed and the other half to B. This is a far simpler, compute dense, and reliable solution than any other solution on the market for creating enterprise ready 2N in open hardware.

Finally, and most importantly for operators, the Zero U power assemblies leverage the highest efficiency 400Vdc to 12Vdc conversion chips. This takes the entire rack of compute up to and beyond even titanium level rated AC power supplies. The cost, when spread out over the entire rack of compute is far cheaper than even standard (low efficiency) AC based PSUs. Please download the Zero U data sheet today. We look forward to working with you on greatly increasing your data centers electrical efficiency and reducing your spend on power.