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The increased reliability of direct current in data center power distribution is often attributed to a lower sum of total components and fewer power transformations resulting in less opportunity for outage. While this captures reasoning at a high level, a more... read more

Efficiency & Safety

Our technology allows data center design teams to avoid the difficult tradeoff between safety and efficiency. The trend in data center power is to achieve greater efficiency by bringing higher AC voltages closer to the IT racks. Existing tier 1 AC-UPS manufacturers... read more

Direct-Current FAQ’s

Isn’t DC power more expensive? If we limit the discussion to just the upfront cost of an AC-UPS vs DC-UPS unit of similar size, there is little reason to expect much difference in pricing, as they share many of the same functions; rectifier, battery stack, breakers... read more

Single-Feed High Availability FAQ’s

How do you achieve Tier 1 cloud providers electrical efficiency levels? Minimize electrical conversions from meter to motherboard. Use your hardware in a Co-Location data center without questions. Only require an (N) feed from the facility. Why not be able to use... read more

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