The Power of EDCS

EDCS Power designs and builds safe and reliable backup power equipment that reduces energy costs for data centers by up to 20%, simplifies the power path and improves reliability. More efficient, lower first cost, and more reliable than existing AC options, our 100kW DC-UPS modules and Zero U racks are optimized to improve data center’s power delivery.

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Cost Reduction

The important performance measure for data center operators is how much of the energy they are paying for is actually reaching productive IT load. When measuring from your electrical meter to your IT motherboard, EDCS power can reduce total power operating expense by up to 20%.


EDCS Power solutions reduce the total number of components and conversions needed to safely deliver energy to the IT load. DC has a tremendous natural advantage over AC distribution in backed up environments because eliminating AC waves reduces complexity of managing the entire system. This greatly increases the entire system’s MTBF.

Efficiency & Safety

EDCS Power distributes at the extremely efficient +/-190Vdc while leveraging modern power electronics to reduce exposure to higher voltages. Our customers get the highest fully backed up inline electrical efficiency in the industry while maintaining a much lower risk for staff.